Digging Out and Mucking Away


Long gone are the days of using skips and portable waste disposal units to get rid of your existing driveway! Here at Multiprint Driveways, we have a permanent and high-end 30-ton grab lorry waiting on standby at all times. This makes the whole muck-away process a lot faster and more efficient. This also enables us to provide an all-encompassing service with complete satisfaction.

We also use this same lorry to deliver the sub-base foundation at the same time. Once again, this makes the dig-out and preparation of your driveway an efficient and easy process.


Just Get Digging!

If you think you don’t need to be excavating for your driveway, think again! It may only be just a little bit of concrete, but in a few years’ time you’ll be doing the job again. You need to lay proper foundations if you want a driveway or patio that performs well and stands the test of time. That means excavating!

Always remember – a little excavation goes a long way! Plus, you do not need to dig all the way to the other side of the world! The depth to which you excavate depends on the nature of the ground beneath it. It will also depend largely on the type of driveway you are installing, with width and length taken into account.

We can’t cover all the excavation techniques and foundation levels for every single instance here. However, we can give some general guidelines and tips. For the exact depth of foundation and excavation required, take a look at the articles on this site for each driveway type.


Multiprint Driveways Mucking Away

Our muck-away service operates by the truck load – literally! Here at Multiprint Driveways we operate a comprehensive muck-away and site-clearance service. In order to provide such a high level of service we ensure we always have the right type of vehicle on hand.

With a 12-meter reach, our contracted vehicle facility enables us to drop off sub-base or reach target areas to muck away with ease.


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